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Welcome to The Honorable Mirror. Relax, You're Home.


EMPOWER & STRENGTHEN women and families through Peer Support, Mentoring, & Self-development coaching  services that provide the tools necessary to develop Mental Wellness, discover Inner-Peace, and boost Self-Confidence.

Feel Good & Supported

Let's get together for a Heart-to-Heart.  Sit-n-Chat with me about how you can start FEELING GOOD, CONFIDENT, and AT PEACE today!  

You Deserve Compassionate   Support & Understanding With No Judgment. 

Hello, Love!  Do you wake up feeling overwhelmed, unfulfilled, or unsupported?  Do you struggle with anxiety, feel lost, or wish you had a sense of direction, peace and confidence in yourself?    Experiencing a transition in life?  Unsure how to cope with the demands of raising a child with ADHD, Anxiety, or Substance Use challenges?


I know firsthand about the struggles of facing life's challenges alone and waking up feeling unhappy or overwhelmed.   My own personal experience waking up with those feelings led me to acquire specialized Life-Changing Knowledge  that I would be honored to share with you.   


Every day we wake up to a world that makes us believe we have to BE something we are not, DO things we do not have a desire to do, and LOOK like someone we will never look like in order to be accepted, successful, worthy, or beautiful.  Striving to live up to someone else's idea of success left me feeling unworthy and believing I was a failure.   

Choosing to focus on my own idea of happiness and success has been life-changing!  Along my own personal journey of EMPOWERMENT & TRANSFORMATION, I discovered a way to attain PEACE, JOY, and HAPPINESS.   If you had the opportunity to be guided and supported along an EMPOWERMENT & TRANSFORMATION journey where, on the other side, you emerge feeling good, confident, and at peace, would you show up for yourself and  take advantage of it?


 Let's meet for a Heart-to-Heart conversation.   No Judgment.  Just Compassion and Understanding.   Click here to Schedule a Sit-n-Chat!

The Honorable Mirror

Natalie N. Whitfield - founder & owner

mental wellness & SELF-DEVELOPMENT Coach



PH:  (352) 818-1410 or (502) 396-8721

 Support & Coaching for Women, Youth, & Young Adults

In-Person & Online Zoom Connecting 


Make The Best Decision For Your Life Today.  Don't Spend Another Day Feeling The Same As Yesterday.

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Support & Coaching Services:

Mental Wellness/Personal Development/Inner-Peace/Dating/Relationships/Confidence/Anxiety/Parenting/Mentoring

In-Person & Online Zoom Connecting 

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